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I asked Steve to transfer title of our rental properties into our LLC. He brought me the documents to sign much quicker than I expected and filed them for me. The price was WELL worth the peace of mind knowing this was all done correctly.
Tyler A.
Westerville, OH
Steve was very knowledgeable and able to help with my needs in a very timely and professional manner. Within just a few short days he had my documents prepared and in my hands. I would highly recommend his law firm.
Lindsey T.
Westerville, OH
I was working on purchasing a house when I had discovered an issue with the house. I was able to get Mr. Reese on retainer in short order (same day I contacted him) to help assist me in the process that everyone else said just walk away from the contract. He is very professional, honest and knowledgeable. The best part is that he takes your best interest into account. He was always promptly getting back to me and advised me with my best interests in mind. I would recommend him for a first time home buyer or someone like me buying their 5th home from the beginning of the home buying process. He was very affordable when you consider the amount work and time he put into the effort. I could have not picked a better attorney for the job.
Tim W.
Westerville, OH



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