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Dealing with legal issues for your business can be confusing and in the worst case scenario, crippling. Unnecessary or unknown legal liability leaves you uncertain and anxious. Your business shouldn’t be hindered because laws and regulations are confusing and hard to navigate. Know you are secure and compliant with liability protection help from Reese Law Firm.

Business Formation

Turn your business idea into action. Choosing the right business structure for your needs can be confusing. Do it right the first time and save a headache later on by letting us help and make sure all your i‘s are dotted and t‘s crossed.

Probate Lawyer westerville
Probate Attorney westerville
Tax Planning

Preparing for and filing taxes for your business can be completely different from your personal income taxes. We’ll help you plan ahead to make sure you aren’t left with a tax burden you can’t handle.

Contract Review & Drafting

Contracts can be extremely complex and full of confusing, dry language. You want to make sure you are covered and aren’t left with unnecessary liability. We can help make sure your interests are accounted for and not taken advantage of.

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Real Estate Lawyer Westerville
Breach of contract

What happens when the other party doesn’t uphold their end of the contract? Or violates it completely? With our help, you can make sure it’s corrected and the situation is resolved through mediation or litigation.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Without a buy-sell agreement in place, you run the risk of disrupting your business or hurting its value in the event of a sale, death, divorce, or disability. Define your desired exit-strategy and owner succession plan with a buy-sell agreement so your business can continue thriving and helping the customers it seeks to serve.

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Estate planning attorney Westerville
Commercial and Civil Litigation

Court isn’t a fun process whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant. Trusted legal counsel can help you navigate the stormy waters and give you a better chance to get the outcome you desire. We are here to support and defend you in the unfortunate event of a court case. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re selling or buying a business, you want your interests represented to the fullest. Don’t go through this process without proper legal advice and end up with paying more or receiving less than your goal. Reese Law Firm can help guide you through this process and help ensure your objectives are met.

Estate planning westerville
Estate planning lawyer westerville
Due Diligence

Your company relies on gathering the most complete information available before making a decision. Your employees and stakeholders rely on you to make sure it’s a priority. Get help gathering the complete picture so you can confidently decide to move forward with, or back away from, the major business decisions you have to make.

Shareholder Disputes

The best defense against a shareholder dispute is to have a strong and well-drafted shareholder agreement in place from the start. But sometimes issues you weren’t prepared for happen, and you need guidance on a current shareholder dispute. Whether you are looking to prevent disputes, or are in the middle of one, we are here to help.

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Legal Security Issues
Securities Issues

Most businesses, at one point or another, need capital to reach their goals. One route many take is raising funds by selling securities to potential investors. The problem is, securities are heavily regulated and can cause major repercussions if your company is not in compliance. Make sure you are in compliance and don’t risk the potential of long-lasting negative effects on your business with our help.

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